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Sand STORM – Hitting the Dunes at Oregon Dune Fest

Having only been to the dunes in Southern California, I was really looking forward to visiting Oregon to see what it would be like to ride my Polaris RZR in the dunes and be on the coast at the same time. I figured it had to be beautiful, but I had no idea just how pretty it was going to be. After arriving at the airport, I got picked up by my good friend Chris Drennan. From there, we headed up to the Salmon...

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Race RZR – Part 3

If you’ve been following along on our buildup of our race RZR, you’ll know that we’re trying to build a budget racer capable of racing both short course and desert races. Here’s what we completed in the June/July issue for Stage 3:

1) RPM Fab Front and Rear Bumpers 2) Staun Internal Beadlocks mounted on Douglas Red Label .190 Wheels 3) Metal Tech Off-Road Roll Cage 4) Beard Super-TZ Suspension Seats 5) Fuel Cell 6) Wrist Restraints

For Stage 4, we’re going to be covering:

1) RPM Fab Roof...

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RZR Offroading in Bulldog Canyon

Just outside of Phoenix towards the Superstition Mountains is a little known OHV area that is part of the Great Western Trail called Bulldog Canyon. Horseback riders, hikers and bikers have been going there for years because it’s easy to get through the gates.  But if you have a vehicle, you have to get a permit and lock code from the Mesa District Rangers to get through the gates. There’s a couple of ways to get into the area, but we went to the North...
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Polaris RZR Rally

It isn’t every day I get to go back to my hometown of Maryville, TN, let alone go back for a UTV event, as well. Two years ago, the Polaris RZR Forum organized a RZR specific Rally that I had a chance to attend with my Dad before ever starting to work for the magazine. The next year, we found out that they had decided not to put another one on, unfortunately. But this year they put it on again, and I was sure not...
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UTV’ing in the Rocks – Moab Style

Moab! What can you say about Moab?  Here are a few answers I hear when I mention that we are going to the off-road Mecca of the world.  One, “I’ve always wanted to go.” Two, “I love Moab.” Three, “Where is Moab?”  If your answer was three, then you should just stay under your rock, rather than crawl over it.  Okay, that was maybe a little harsh, but if you have not heard that Moab is one of the best rock crawling destinations, then you...
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Project RZR – Exposed

Last year when we received one of the first Polaris Ranger RZRs, we wanted to do something different to this new exciting entry to the UTV market. We knew that everybody was going to add everything bling possible to these new machines, so we took the approach that would keep it trail ready and really be usable, and use it we did. In doing this, the build was going to supply editorial coverage for manufacturers that produce products and accessories for this new unit, and,...
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Race RZR – part 2

Protection, Cage Safety, Comfort, Fuel Safety!

If you’ve been following along on our buildup of our race RZR, you’ll know that we’re trying to build a budget racer capable of racing both short course and desert races. Here’s what we completed in the last issue for Stage 2: 1) Dirty Dawg Performance Torque Cam, Fuel Controller, and Bored Throttle Body 2) Stock Roll Cage Reinforcements 3) Frame Sleeving 4) SRT Racelocks 5) Goodyear MTR tires 6) Machine Trix Side Mirrors 7) Xtreme Machine and Fabrication Rearview Mirror For Stage 3, we’re going to be...
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Turbo RZR

We go to Sweden to see how to build an 80 hp turbo for the Polaris RZR with MCX-USA

When I got the email from Trey Lokey of MCX-USA(formerly OHV Turbos) inviting me to Sweden to meet the MCXpress factory owners and designers, I originally thought he was kidding. But, after talking with him, I realized that MCX-USA was very serious about developing a Polaris RZR turbo kit similar to their already successful Yamaha Rhino 660 and 700 EFI turbo kits. What they wanted to do...
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Project RZR – part 2

We add some clearance, some billet, protection and power.

On one of our recent trips to Bulldog Canyon outside of Phoenix was the final ride that I scraped bottom and came back and put on the 2” lifts that Scott from High Lifter had sent me.  The instructions were easy to follow and everything bolted into place without having to beat anything into place. After doing the install we took it back out on a trail that we were familiar with and let her rip to...
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Dialing in your RZR Shocks

Which RZR suspension system to buy and how to dial it in once it’s installed!

So, you’ve gone out and bought the most exciting RZR you could find, and to complement it, you, of course, are here at RZRparts.com to help you spend your hard earned money, right? Well, one of the best ways to increase the stability, performance, and comfort of your RZR is having a properly set up suspension for your needs. And, there’s really 3 different ways to go when setting up your...
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