Project RZR – part 2

We add some clearance, some billet, protection and power.

On one of our recent trips to Bulldog Canyon outside of Phoenix was the final ride that I scraped bottom and came back and put on the 2” lifts that Scott from High Lifter had sent me.  The instructions were easy to follow and everything bolted into place without having to beat anything into place. After doing the install we took it back out on a trail that we were familiar with and let her rip to let the shocks settle and I found myself aiming at rocks to see if I could hit them and didn’t hear one ever hit the skid plate. One of the great things about living in the Phoenix area is all the shops here coming up with new goodies to load on to our UTV’s.  I stopped over at Todd’s Custom Billet and he was showing me some new bling for the RZR. One was the back bed rails that are made out of billet aluminum and the other was his replacement billet buttons for the plastic body.
What’s nice about these bed rails is there is six places to place hooks instead of three. So there not only good looking but are very useful.  The only time I’ve had one of the black buttons pop out on me is in a rock crawling area when we were doing the tire test and twisted the body. Todd came up with these little billet jewels that add a little flash to the body and will hold it on a little tighter in some tough areas. We’ve been running this RZR up and down a lot of trails, and through a lot of desert without any protection in the front and rear area until now. RPM Performance has come up with a set of flat steel bumpers that are bullet proof and hug the body tight enough that when I load it into the truck it’s not banging on the window or hanging out over the rear. Before we added any lights, winch and other accessories we wanted to make sure we had enough battery. RPM battery box was made for the big Odesseys and will give us that extra boost. You’ll have to get longer cables and if you check in the New Products section you can see the complete box set up.

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