We reviewed the top 5 most affordable body modifications that are must haves for anyone looking to upgrade their RZR.

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Rev up your RZR and take the holeshot. These top five affordable RZR performance mods are sure to keep you ahead of the pack.

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  • Polaris RZR Exhaust Evaluation

    It’s been 3 generations since the RZR first arrived as the sportiest new UTV to hit the market, and we’ve been hearing for a long time that our readers would really like to see a full blown exhaust test. So, after giving each of the manufacturers plenty of time to design, test, re-design, test, and complete their exhausts, it’s time...
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  • Sand STORM – Hitting the Dunes at Oregon Dune Fest

    Having only been to the dunes in Southern California, I was really looking forward to visiting Oregon to see what it would be like to ride my Polaris RZR in the dunes and be on the coast at the same time. I figured it had to be beautiful, but I had no idea just how pretty it was going to...
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  • Race RZR – Part 3

    If you’ve been following along on our buildup of our race RZR, you’ll know that we’re trying to build a budget racer capable of racing both short course and desert races. Here’s what we completed in the June/July issue for Stage 3: 1) RPM Fab Front and Rear Bumpers 2) Staun Internal Beadlocks mounted on Douglas Red Label .190 Wheels...
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  • RZR Offroading in Bulldog Canyon

    Just outside of Phoenix towards the Superstition Mountains is a little known OHV area that is part of the Great Western Trail called Bulldog Canyon. Horseback riders, hikers and bikers have been going there for years because it’s easy to get through the gates.  But if you have a vehicle, you have to get a permit and lock code from...
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  • Polaris RZR Rally

    It isn’t every day I get to go back to my hometown of Maryville, TN, let alone go back for a UTV event, as well. Two years ago, the Polaris RZR Forum organized a RZR specific Rally that I had a chance to attend with my Dad before ever starting to work for the magazine. The next year, we found...
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