Essential RZR Safety Gear

The Polaris RZR needs no introduction. If you are reading this article, you probably own one already – or you are thinking of purchasing one soon. Either way, it’s important to have the right safety gear to use your RZR to the best of its abilities. These are incredible machines, but you need to use them safely for maximum enjoyment. 

We are going to take a look at RZR safety gear products in five categories in the content below. Let’s get started!

Harness Seat Belts

A quality seat belt is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can use. The best RZR 4-point harness is going to help keep you securely in place even as you are tossed around by challenging terrain. Check out the three RZR aftermarket seat belts below. 
  • Aces Racing 4 Point Harness. This 4-point harness for your RZR comes in a variety of colors, features 2-inch padding, and fits a wide range of models. If you are concerned about the comfort of your new harness, this is a model to give careful consideration. Also, this product is easy to put on and take off, something that is a welcome change from some of the other options on the market today. 
  • Spocoro 4 point Racing Safety Harness. Using 2’’ nylon straps, this product offers a comfortable riding position while adding safety to your experience. Both the shoulder strap and lap strap can be adjusted to get into just the right position for your needs, and the needs of your fellow riders. The harness is also easy to release when needed, with just a single buckle to undo. This model will fit most machines but be sure to check the specs before ordering to be sure it’s a suitable choice. 
  • Pro Armor 4 Point Harness. For a stylish take on the 4 point harness design, check out this model from Pro Armor. There are a number of colors to pick from when you opt for this product, which is easy to install and features 2-inch padded shoulder straps. The inclusion of a quick release buckle makes the harness easy to use, and the sternum buckle can be adjusted to optimize comfort while riding. 

Fire Extinguisher Holder

The need for a fire extinguisher should be obvious. While not a common occurrence, fire is always a possibility when gas is involved. With any luck, you will never need to press your fire extinguisher into action – but it will always be there for you just in case. The items below are fire extinguisher mounts which will hold a variety of extinguisher models. 
  • Bartact Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Holder. This U.S. made product is not crafted from plastic, but rather powder-coated steel hardware. That robust design should allow you to rely on this holder even in tough conditions, so your fire extinguisher will always be right where you expect it should an emergency arise. 
  • Rugged Ridge Black ATV/UTV Fire Extinguisher Holder. Using black nylon to secure a fire extinguisher of up to three pounds, this is a reliable and affordable option. The straps are adjustable so they can be tightened up for a snug fit around the extinguisher that you choose to carry. 
  • Adjustable Fire Extinguisher Mount Holder. There is a total of four rings that make up this device – two which will hold onto your fire extinguisher, and two that are mounted to the RZR to keep the holder in place. Using aluminum for the design helps this holder take a beating on tough roads without letting go. The mechanism used in this device makes it easy to free the extinguisher in just moments should a fire break out. 

First Aid Kit

Carrying a first aid kit will allow you to quickly tend to minor cuts and scrapes while out on a trail. A good first aid kit for your RZR will have everything you need while still being portable and durable enough to take along for the ride. 
  • M2 Basics 200 Piece Premium First Aid Kit. The supplies included in this kit cover just about everything you could expect to find, including a variety of bandages, medical tape, towelettes, safety pins, emergency blanket, whistle, and more. While it features plenty of supplies, the kit is still compact in design and comes in a case that is perfect for tossing on board your RZR or in a pack before you head out. 
  • Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit. For a cost-effective option that will still provide you with the basic supplies you need to deal with a minor injury, this product from Be Smart Get Prepared is worth your attention. It includes 100 pieces that cover the basics of first aid, and it is packaged in a rugged plastic case that could easily be set inside a duffel bag or backpack. For simple day outings in your RZR that aren’t going to take you too far off the beaten path, this kit is a good choice. 
  • Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. This last option on our list of first aid kits is meant for those who do serious backcountry exploring in their RZR. If you are likely to be out in the woods for long stretches of time – and you’ll be out of touch with civilization during that time – a robust first aid kit is a smart investment. There are 200 pieces included with the kit, and it is contained in a water-resistant bag for added protection and peace of mind. 


Protecting your head is another important piece of the RZR safety puzzle. Driving aggressively means you can get jostled quite a bit in your seat, so you don’t want to expose your head to any hard hits. Also, debris flying up into the RZR could be a concern, so again the helmet will offer nice protection. 
  • 1Storm Dual Sport Off Road Full Face Helmet. With the possibility of debris coming up into your face, you really want full protection when you are aggressively driving your RZR. This helmet from 1Storm offers just that kind of protection, with a full face design and a heavily cushioned interior for your comfort. Also, there are many different colors to pick from, so you can even coordinate the color of your helmet with the look of your RZR, if you wish. 
  • AHR DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face Helmet. Getting too hot is a concern on long rides, so the ventilation of this helmet is a nice feature. It also has the other design elements that you should expect, like a comfortable liner and full-face profile. 
  •  O’Neal Full-Face Sierra II Helmet. The rider’s comfort is a top priority in this model that includes an air-channeled comfort liner. There is also a padded chin strap and an integrated face shield to properly protect the rider while dealing with the kind of tough terrain that the RZR was made to explore.  

Street Kit: Lights, Mirrors, and Horn

Adding an RZR light kit to your vehicle is a great step when you want to take it out onto the road. Use a quality RZR street legal kit to make sure you are on the right side of the law. 
  • TUSK UTV Street Legal Horn and Signal Kit. This handy kit has what you need to turn your RZR into a street-legal vehicle. It’s simple to install and includes components like the wiring harness, flasher relay, horn, mirrors, and much more. 
  • UTV Heavy Duty Lever Switch Turn Signal Kit. While this kit does not include mirrors, it does have what you need to equip your RZR with both a horn and turn signals. There is also a license plate light and the flasher relay is adjustable. Everything you need to get your horn and signals up and running, even the wire, is included here. 
  • WD Electronics Polaris RZR Street Legal Kit. Our last kit also does not include mirrors, but you’ll find everything else you need here as you work toward a street-legal setup. There are integrated LEDs to light up the license plate, and there are four LED blinker markets. This kit is suitable for either a two-seat or four-seat RZR. 
Owning the right safety equipment for your RZR is only going to elevate the experience. Knowing you have the right gear available to deal with a variety of issues, you can relax and focus on exploring and pushing your machine to the limits. Have fun out there and be safe!

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