Polaris RZR S 800 Exhaust Shootout

Two Brothers Racing Triple M-7 V.A.L.E. Exhaust System

With three (yes, three) mufflers, the Triple M-7 V.A.L.E. from Two Brothers Racing is a beast. It’s arguably the best-looking RZR exhaust system available today. When your friends see three shiny pipes at the back end of your UTV, they will know you mean business. The M-7 doesn’t just look great, it’s also a marvel of precision engineering, and that’s what gives the system such excellent performance. The purpose of any exhaust system is to vent gases from the engine, enabling higher performance. Quicker, more efficient venting leads to a more efficient engine. Therefore, a dual exhaust does a better job than a single exhaust, and a triple exhaust – like the M-7 – does better than even a dual exhaust. The M-7 adds as much as 4 HP to the Polaris RZR S 800, and that increase applies to the entire powerband. For users, that translates to increased torque for pulling power, better acceleration and higher top-end speed. Even with the three-muffler design, the M-7 V.A.L.E. weighs less than the stock RZR exhaust system. This weight reduction is achieved with the help of Two Brothers’ Teflon-coated, cast magnesium construction. The designers truly thought of everything – the springless adjustable mount is built to handle the shaking and rattling of virtually any terrain. Additionally, the extra-thick tubing is excellent at dissipating excess heat. The sound suppression capacity of the M-7 is remarkable. At 3,500 RPMs, the typical noise level is still a manageable (and trail-legal) 96 decibels. Optional sound suppression tips can further reduce noise output to as low as 90 decibels. The M-7 kit comes complete with US Forestry Service-approved spark arrestors for each muffler. According to Two Brothers, the packing material of the spark arrestors only needs replacement every 400 hours, so you’ll spend more time enjoying your UTV and less time on routine maintenance.

Yoshimura RS-8 Full System

The experts at Yoshimura know a thing or two about squeezing every last bit of power from an engine. With almost sixty years of experience working with small engines, it should be no surprise that their products are among the best on the market. Their RS-8 system is no exception and is possibly the best RZR exhaust money can buy. Yoshimura has crafted a Polaris RZR exhaust system that has something for everyone – great specifications, almost invincible construction, innovative design and performance that does not disappoint. With just a little extra roar, the RS-8 delivers excellent power and performance gains. Yoshimura’s full exhaust system performs better than the stock exhaust through the entire RPM range. Horsepower peaks at 42.9 with the spark arrestor, a full 3 HP above the factory exhaust. While 3 HP may not sound like much, every little bit helps when you have muddy, hilly terrain to traverse or a load to haul. The noise output is also well within US Forestry Service guidelines. Without a spark arrestor, the RS-8 registers at about 96 decibels. On the other hand, the system cranks out a mere 92.5 decibels when the spark arrestor is in place. That’s only a few notches higher than the factory exhaust and comfortably within the legal limits. Perhaps the best feature of all Yoshimura parts is their combination of sturdy materials and construction with lighter-than-expected weight. Installing this system shaves 1.5 pounds off the vehicle’s gross weight. Again, every little bit helps when you’re goal is to maximize performance. The header and tail pipe are constructed from 18-guage stainless steel, while the muffler is 20-guage steel, so durability is a non-issue. Inside the muffler is the innovative “Silent Sport” packing material, which keeps the whole system much quieter than its horsepower gains would otherwise suggest. The spark arrestor is located near the end of the muffler, making for easy cleaning of carbon buildup.

Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust

Muzzys has a long history of success on the racing circuit, so their products are at the forefront of high performance and efficiency. The company specializes in aftermarket parts for motorcycles, but they’re also no slouch when it comes to beefing up UTVs. The Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust is a potent RZR exhaust upgrade, delivering awesome power while still keeping everything legal on the trails. The 2-1-2 design of the Muzzys Dual Exhaust is what distinguishes it from the competition. The twin header pipes merge into a single pipe, and then split into two again. The dual oval mufflers take up very little space, but still produce that signature Muzzys sound. Overall, this makes for a supremely efficient Polaris RZR exhaust system. The system also comes with the patented Muzzys Modular Endcap design, meaning the spark arrestor and quiet core can be easily removed. Product specifications indicate that the stainless steel dual exhaust system can produce horsepower gains of up to 15%, while still trimming 3 to 4 decibels off the noise level. UTV enthusiasts who are serious about getting the most out of their ride cannot go wrong with a Muzzys exhaust. A built-in oxygen sensor bung allows for careful monitoring of the fuel/air mixture coming out of the motor. The system also includes sturdy heat shielding, and the mounting brackets are rugged enough to handle plenty of abuse. A compact and racy system, the Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust definitely belongs in the winner’s circle. The system is available with a brushed or polished aluminum finish or with a flat black coating. Of course, this kind of high performance comes with a price, which might be the only drawback to this particular RZR exhaust system. The Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust is one of the more expensive systems on the market, with an average sticker price around $900.

Looney Tuned Dual Exhaust

Looney Tuned Exhaust has built quite a reputation for manufacturing robust exhausts that do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They’re often on the short list when people are considering a Polaris RZR exhaust upgrade, and rightly so. Looney Tuned designs and fabricates all their components in house, so buyers can depend upon consistent, predictable performance. After all, no one likes expensive surprises, such as header pipes not fitting or a finish that isn’t as advertised. Looney Tuned advertises an astonishing 22% horsepower gain throughout the powerband courtesy of their Dual Exhaust. However, online RZR exhaust reviews show that users will need to do some tweaking to their engines, such as improving the timing or replacing the fuel injection controller, to realize those kinds of gains. The big selling point for Looney Tuned appears to be noise: Without the accompanying spark arrestor and quiet core, the Dual Exhaust roars at an impressive 102 decibels. The sound has been compared to a classic hot rod. When the spark arrestor and quiet core are installed, which they have to be for the RZR to be trail legal, the sound volume is kept in check (86 decibels), but the sound quality remains the same. Your Polaris RZR will rumble like a 70s-era muscle car. Installation of the Looney Tuned Dual Exhaust is potentially more complex and time-consuming than some other aftermarket RZR exhaust systems and requires removal of part of the bed. Still, installation shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a little mechanical expertise. Both the kit and the website have detailed, easy-to-understand instructions. Plus, the aluminum and stainless steel construction guarantees that the system won’t corrode or rust, regardless of how often you splash through the mud. In other words, you’ll only have to install this RZR exhaust system once.

Gibson Performance Exhaust 98002

If shiny and stainless isn’t your style, the Gibson Performance Exhaust 98002 Full System Kit might get your attention. This RZR exhaust system has a single muffler and all the pipes sport a black ceramic coating. The coating helps with heat dissipation, while the Superflow design of the muffler keeps noise levels well within legal limits. Gibson’s UTV exhausts all come with spark arrestors approved by the US Forest Service. Gibson’s RZR exhaust system is easy to install, with pipes and bolts customized for each model. You won’t have to remove the decking or spend all afternoon test fitting the system. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this Polaris RZR exhaust upgrade is its simplicity. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a little extra power without too much hassle. While you won’t get exactly the same performance as a dual exhaust system, the Gibson Performance Exhaust still offers noticeable improvements over the stock RZR exhaust, both in power and sound quality. Unlike many other specialty exhaust upgrades, Gibson’s sound dampening qualities do not rely on muffler packing. Instead, it’s the design of the muffler itself that manages the noise output. Muffler packing deteriorates with time, which adds to the maintenance burden for UTV owners. If you’re a rider who values trail time way more than garage time, then the Gibson Performance Exhaust might just be the best RZR exhaust for your needs.

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