RZR Cargo Racks and Storage systems

The Polaris RZR UTV is an outstanding vehicle, but has something of a shortcoming when it comes to cargo space. If you’re happy with traveling light, more power to you. But for many of us, heading out down an unfamiliar trail or on a long weekend trip means packing water cans, extra gas, a tent, a toolbox, rifles…. you get the idea. Fortunately there are many creative options available to extend the cargo capacity of the RZR and put the Utility back into UTV. When searching for the perfect RZR storage system, it’s important to decide first where you want to carry items, and how well they need to be protected. For example, if security of your items is paramount, consider the seat replacement storage unit from Polaris. It bolts in securely and keeps everything dry, but the cost is the loss of your copilot. So first, define your mission!

Front Storage

The RZR’s design lends itself to easy add-ons for storage. Kolpin offers a 1.6 cubic foot storage box that attaches to the hood, lying flat just in front of the A-pillar attachment points. The low profile box doesn’t interfere with lines of sight, and keeps items dry. Though the box opens from the rear, the locations of the latches will make opening it from the driver’s seat quite difficult. The unit is easy to install on existing mounting points and convenient to use, but will require stopping to get to any items inside.

Rear Storage

There are many more options for extending the storage capacity of the rear cargo bed. Finding racks for RZR roll cage mounting is simple.
One of the better designs is the Adventure Series roll cage rack from PRM Products. The kit mounts to the roll cage on the RZR, but the genius in the design is the adjustability. The storage bin itself is not mounted directly to the RZR roll cage. Instead, heavy supports are mounted to the roll cage, and then the storage rack mounts to the supports. The rack can be adjusted to 4 different preset heights, which enables you to customize your load out and not sacrifice any of the room in the standard rear bed. Using PRM’s Lock n’ Load system lets you build racks with separated compartments to securely hold any item. There is no drilling required to mount this kit. Seizmik makes a wide range of high-quality UTV accessories, and they have introduced the new Occam’s RZR rear rack to double the cargo capacity of your UTV. Installation is simple for this kit as well, but the key feature is the hinged mount at the roll cage. To reach items in the normal cargo bed, release a latch on the Occam’s RZR, and the rack hinges up out of the way. In the lowered position, the rack is stable and steady. If you want to keep it simple, and only need slightly more room, consider adding on the rugged Kolpin Open Bed Storage bin. The unit provides a slip-in fit to the existing cargo bay, installs very quickly, and keeps your RZR organized. The biggest benefit is the higher sidewalls on the storage system, preventing items from falling overboard on rough trails. For hunters, the polyurethane construction means easy cleanup after your trip. This is the simplest and easiest to install storage kit for RZR owners.

Specialized Storage

When mission-specific storage is on your mind, choose a RZR cargo rack that is customized for your needs.
The Roto-Pax water and gas pack mount system is designed to extend the range of your camping or hunting expedition by mounting a total of 8 gallons of liquid onto the back of the roll cage. A specialized locking system keeps the two 4-gallon containers securely in place. Choose from white containers for potable water, or red containers for your gasoline. The mounting system attaches without drilling, but discriminating RZR owners may find the hardware a bit unimpressive. The mounting plate itself is a sturdy steel unit, but the attachment to the roll cage is a combination of gravity and a steel hose clamp. A better alternative for fuel storage may be the Polaris OEM fuel can mount. This mount uses the RZR lock and ride system, so there’s no drilling, but a secure, solid, and very professional mount is easy to achieve. Another great option is to use the Roto-Pax or Kolpin flat 4-gallon storage containers, but mount them using hardware from UTV Tech. Their universal rear rack can support these containers (or also twin gun boots, or a spare tire mount). If you need only the fuel/water option, UTV Tech also offers a Pro-Tech RZR Gas Strap mount. Use one mount for smaller cans, or two mounts for the 4-gallon version. (Note: there’s a separate part number for the version that carries a total of 8 gallons.) There is no drilling required, but the hardware is very high quality with a great finish and bolts to itself securely, forming a clamp around the horizontal bars of the roll cage. If you’re using your RZR as only part of your adventure, then Quadrax has your needs covered. For campers and adventure sports enthusiasts, Quadrax makes a Thule-style roof rack system that is ideal for tying down canoes or large items overhead, preserving the precious cargo bed space for smaller items. The very simple design attaches to your existing roll cage with ease. Note: if you have a soft top, a hard roof, or a cab enclosure fitted, this system won’t mount to your RZR. For times when your overhead storage needs to be more flexible, Quadrax also offers a basket-shaped roof rack with a thoughtful design. The mesh bottom prevents rain pooling or trapped leaves, and the full tube upper border provides ample locations for bungee straps to secure your gear. The front face of the basket has provision for mounting additional lights. For oddly shaped items without heavy weight, this may be the best carry option.

Cooler Racks

The ability to safely carry a cold beverage is critical to enjoying your time on the trail. No matter what beverage you prefer, you have a range of options for keeping it cold and handy.
For those who need a cool can close to hand, simplicity is best. Green Mountain, Moose, and QuadBoss all offer a six-pack cooler that stacks the cans end to end, using closed-cell foam to insulate the package and keep drinks cool. The products from all three manufacturers are very simple, featuring zippered end openings, and mounting to your roll cage very quickly and easily using Velcro straps. These can coolers will work with most roof systems and cab enclosures as well. Remember – consume responsibly! If a six-pack just doesn’t quite fit the bill, Precision Billet offers up their excellent RZR XP Deluxe cooler rack. The rack is designed with three sections – the center section fits a Coleman 28-quart ice chest, and the left and right sections each hold a standard 2.5-gallon gas can. With custom colors available, the fit and finish are outstanding. The design uses the factory RZR lock and ride system for quick and painless installation and removal. The only downside here is that the cooler rack system takes up most of the space in the storage bed. Consider coupling this rack with the PRM Products Adventure Series rack mentioned above, and take the best of both worlds. The absolute peak of cooler system perfection for your RZR has to be the Kolpin cooler trunk. This massive cooler system sits in the cargo bay and has more than 2.4 cubic feet of insulated storage. The interior is divided into three compartments in case you need to separate wet and dry goods, and built-in drain cocks help to simplify emptying and cleaning. Gas shocks support the lid while open, and twin latches secure the lid closed while navigating tough terrain. While the box takes up the entire storage bed, it is space well spent. This is a top-rated accessory for making your camping or hunting trip much more enjoyable. Finally, for the hunters among us, a secure gun mount is essential. If you prefer to have your rifle or shotgun closer to hand, check out the mounts from Big Sky Racks, Inc. These mounts attach to the overhead bars of the roll cage, positioning your gun directly overhead. The U-shaped sleeves for gun barrel and stock are padded to protect your gun’s finish, and straps secure the weapon in place. One possible drawback is that this mounting system can slightly reduce headroom, so taller riders should consider another option. UTV Tech’s universal mount, mentioned before in this article, also works with Kolpin gun boots. The boots, which must be purchased separately, mount to the universal rack and keep your gun clean, dry, and securely mounted to the back of the roll cage, preserving all the space inside the cabin for you and your copilot. To split the difference, both Hunterworks and Strong Made have mounting systems that hold your firearm the same as the Big Sky Rack, but mount to the rear of the roll cage instead of overhead. Your gun will be exposed to the elements, but is more accessible than in the Kolpin gun boot. If you may need to rush to get off that perfect shot, this could be a good trade off.

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