Three Best Clutch Kits for Polaris RZR 800

The Polaris RZR 800 is a machine with impressive power potential, but the stock clutch that comes installed from the factory does not allow for maximum use of that power. Stock clutches are designed to meet the needs of a wide-range of users, so they cover more of the middle ground of performance. In order to really tap into all the power that your Polaris RZR 800 has to offer, you will want to add an after-market RZR clutch kit. A clutch kit, when properly installed, can improve acceleration noticeably right off the bat. Depending on the other modifications you have made to your machine (exhaust, wheels, etc.), you can choose from a variety of clutch kits that will create just the kind of performance you are looking for. Some kits are more suited for traveling in mud or sand, while others are optimal for improving towing performance. Whatever your needs, you should look to a quality clutch kit as one of the fastest and least expensive ways to improve the performance of your RZR 800. When searching for the best RZR clutch kit to purchase, you will find many options in the market. The three options below are the best clutch kits available, and each has their own specific benefits. Read through their specifics to settle on just the perfect option for your needs.

Dalton Clutch Kit

This Dalton kit is unique because it can be adjusted on the go using the patented ‘Quick Adjust’ flyweight system. Rather than having to remove the flyweights from the drive clutch in order to make adjustments, you can add or subtract weight while they remain installed. This is obviously a huge time saver when trying to optimize the performance of your clutch. You will be able to gain great control over your RPM’s thanks to the flexibility of this kit. The flexibility of this clutch kit doesn’t stop there. You will also be able to use this kit on machines with both stock and oversized tires, and the kit is altitude adjustable as well. It includes a set up manual which guides you through the set up process and provides instructions for making all the customizations that are possible using this innovative kit.

EPI Clutch Kits

As opposed to the Dalton kit which is designed for versatility, EPI offers four different kits based on the application you plan to use your machine in. The four options are – Sport Utility, Mudder, Sand Dune, and Utility. The names pretty much speak for themselves in describing what each kit is designed to handle. Considering most RZR owners use their machine for one specific purpose a majority of the time, buying a specialized clutch kit can make a lot of sense. Regardless of which kit you choose, they are all intend to achieve the same results. EPI clutch kits improve performance by transferring power more efficiently between the engine and the tires. The low and mid-range acceleration of the machine is what you will be most impressed with after installing an EPI kits. The kits also succeed in reducing belt slippage, and therefore heat, as well as making the throttle more responsive.

Dragonfire Clutch Kit

The RZR performance clutch kit offered by Dragonfire is available in three ‘stages’ depending on the current setup of your UTV. Stage one is perfect for installing on an engine that is totally stock with zero engine modifications. Stage two is meant for engines that have had some ‘bolt on’ performance mods such as intake and exhaust. Finally, stage three is ideal for those with a machine that has undergone major modifications throughout the engine. By purchasing the right stage kit for your RZR, you can be sure that installation will go smoothly and the clutch kit will give you maximum gain. Just as with the other kits, the Dragonfire setup is designed mainly to improve the acceleration of the UTV in the low and mid-range. It will also help prevent slippage and allow a maximum amount of power to be transferred from the engine down to the ground.


Once you have settled on the perfect RZR 800 clutch upgrade, you will need to decide how to get it installed. You could choose to do it yourself, or take it to a qualified shop. The two factors to consider here are your level of mechanical knowledge and the tools you have available in your garage. A clutch kit install is within the skill level of many ‘DIY’ mechanics, but you will need to have some experience and knowledge of how UTV’s work. Also, in order to do a full clutch kit install you will need a compression tool in order to chance out the springs. If you do not have one, you can look into purchasing one, but they are rather expensive for just doing one job. At that point, the better option may be to get a quote on having a shop complete the job. An after-market clutch kit is a great way to improve the performance of your Polaris RZR 800. No matter which kit you choose, you are sure to notice improved low and mid-range acceleration, as well as less belt slippage. A clutch kit is one of the most affordable yet effective modifications available for the RZR 800. To get the most out of your UTV experience, find the perfect kit for your machine today.

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