RZR XP A-Arm Brace Kit

Everyone knows the factory A-arms on all RZRs are very weak and will bend extremely easily in different situations. Racer Tech has been a pioneer in the replacement A-arm market since the beginning of UTVs. However, most of the replacement arm kits are more expensive than a lot of owners are looking to invest in their RZR. This innovative kit will bolt directly to your OEM RZR XP 900 front A-arms and substantially increase the strength of the inherently weak factory design. The kit consists of all the braces needed to cover all four of the front arms, both upper and lower. These braces add a cross sectional area of 5/16” which will greatly increase the torsional rigidity of the OEM A-arms. This kit can be installed in approximately 20 minutes by anyone with an allen wrench. These can be installed with all the suspension on the vehicle and with the machine sitting on the ground. The design of these parts is simple and so is the assembly. As always, this kit is 100% designed and produced in the U.S.A. with American steel. Price is $195 per kit.

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