Modular roll cage replacement kits

Racer Tech has developed a new type of roll cage for the Polaris RZR. The new two- piece design is modular and can be shipped via parcel service, which eliminates the extra cost and troubles of truck freight. These roll cages are extremely strong and fit up directly to all RZR models from ’08 up 2-seat models including RZR 570,800 and 900. There is also a kit which replaces the front and rear sections of the 4-seat cages on the 800 and 900 4-seat RZRs. The middle section is retained on the 4-seat versions. These roll cage sections will fit up to any OEM RZR roll cage section, so the parts can be upgraded separately if desired. They are made in the U.S.A. from high quality U.S. tubing and are properly braced for extreme protection. The cages were designed to use many OEM and aftermarket accessories and are actually lower than OEM height. Full kit is less than $1,000.  Go to: 

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